Peruvian Paso Breed Information

The Peruvian Paso Horse traces its ancestry to the mid 1600s when the exploration and colonization of the New World was at a fever pitch. And with it came the need for the finest and most comfortable saddle mounts. It was the Spanish Conquistadors who introduced these horses to Peru.

The foundation stock for this arrogant and charismatic horse arrived in Peru under the leadership of General Pizarro. These were the Barb, the Spanish Jennet and the Andalusian.

Relatively small in stature, the Peruvian Horse ranges in size from 14.1 to 15 HH. They come in a wide range of colours, including chestnut, bay, palomino, black and grey. The Peruvian Paso Horse has often been referred to as the postcard horse, owing to its long, flowing mane & tail and its energetic temperament. Their fiery spirit and charismatic elegance make them an ideal mount for the Spanish aristocrat that was the ruling class in the new world. Yet their willing and gentle temperament makes them an ideal mount for the whole family. There are today approximately 1400 of these horses in Canada.

The most unique characteristic of the Peruvian Paso Horse, however, is the 100% natural and genetically transferable gait that provides the smooth ride that these horses are so famous for. This is a four beat lateral leg movement, where the right front and right hind leg move at the same time. This movement assures that there is always at least one foot planted firmly on the ground, removing the aerial phase of the gait, which causes the bounciness of the trotting breeds. This gait is not trained, nor is it enhanced by any artificial means. It is the genetic trait that is seen in perfect 4 beat timing in all purebred Peruvian foals as young as 1 or 2 days old.

Another distinct and unique characteristic of the Peruvian Paso is its front-end movement. While it's forward motion and impulsion comes entirely from the hindquarters, it is often the extravagant front leg movement that catches the attention of the first time spectator. First, the lift and elevation of the front legs are completely natural. It is neither taught nor learned, much less enhanced with weights or any other artificial means. In fact, no shoes of any sort are permitted in the show ring. The outward motion of the front limbs is known as termino, and while it does not add to the smoothness of the gait, it adds flair and flashiness to its elegant appearance.

There is a growing group of owners and breeders today who will tell you that their Peruvian Paso's are used for and excel at a great variety of disciplines, including parades, trail rides, endurance riding, light ranch work, and therapeutic riding programs.

Spoil yourself; come try a Peruvian, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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